A Beyond Zero Future for South East NSW

2021 launch


Who are we?

We are a Citizen’s Alliance dedicated to reducing carbon emissions to zero in south east NSW.

We use evidence-based research to show how to reach our emissions target and create local jobs and a healthy environment for the future. We are lobbying for policy change and individual, local and community action to support our transition to a low carbon economy.

Why this project?

The impacts of climate change require a rapid transition away from fossil fuels to zero emission energy sources and major changes in land management. This transition must be just and equitable, providing good employment opportunities for all. Some inspiring national plans map opportunities for transitioning to a zero net emission economy including Beyond Zero Emissions’ Million Jobs Plan, the Climate Council’s Clean Jobs Plan and the Australian Energy Market Operator’s 2020 Integrated System Plan. However, as yet little work has been done at regional level. This project seeks to fill this gap for our region.

What is the project?

This project identifies economic activities enabling a measured and supported transition to a beyond zero emission economy. It estimates employment, economic, social and environmental benefits and the key elements of the policy environment needed to enable this transition.

Data and information with connecting narratives and with some shire-specific material are here web-published for local government areas and downloadable in hard-copy. These publications will initially cover:

  • Local electricity generation
  • Home energy retrofits
  • Electric vehicles
  • Carbon drawdown in state forests and farm trees and soils
  • Reducing methane emissions from livestock


The first fact sheets are here. They are already contributing to the policy debate in the December NSW local government elections and the next federal general election. We anticipate the evidence base and information distribution will continue to grow after that date.